compassionate guidance through writing, nature, & life's difficult landscapes

compassionate guidance through writing, nature, & life's difficult landscapes


No matter how you perceive your relationship to writing, I can work with you to build confidence and strengthen your skills. Through TEALarbor stories I offer experiential practices for writing for insight, writing for outcome, and writing as rite. Any combination of these techniques can be used, depending on the needs of the individual.

Writing for Insight

Writing for insight is about engaging in the inner processes associated with writing. In order to know how and why we are writing, we must explore our inner landscapes. Without such understanding, our writing can become formulaic, dry and outcome-driven. I utilize many types of creative and nature-based experiences to help people with this type of deep exploration. Sometimes what we find are those aspects of ourselves we do not want to face - fears, insecurities, negative past experiences; these "shadow" aspects come to the fore as we look deeply within. Using art, low-risk time in the natural world, and the opportunity to talk through some of the barriers to writing can transform the way we view ourselves and our writing; it can also significantly enhance the written product. Dealing with emotions, spirituality and other aspects of our inner landscapes are the keys to finding the insights that push our writing to the next level. This also makes the writing more believable to our audience.

Writing for Outcome

Writing for outcome involves more traditional approaches to coaching and mentoring writing. Writers learn simple techniques for effectively writing and polishing their particular projects. Knowing what one's goals are (academic or business documents, novels or short stories, memoir, or essays), gives shape to the writer's progression through the project. I will facilitate, for those who want to write for a specific outcome, a variety of tasks and procedures to enhance the writing.

Writing as Rite

Writing as rite employs simple rituals as the precursor to written expression. We might use focused time out in nature, creative exercises, or make meaningful alterations to our writing space at home. When we do any such activities in a ritual manner, our inner critics step aside long enough for us to 'hear' what we really need to write. We use the intentional routines as a prerequisite for moving ourselves into the space where our writing begins to "write itself". This is the core from which significant life stories and writing can emerge. Rituals do not have to be rooted in particular religions in order to be effective; clarifying one's intention is the foundation for learning to write in a ritualized manner. Sometimes writing as rite is about process; other times it is about outcome. Generally, it is about using meaningful, directed activity to get us primed and ready for writing.


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